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New Product Launch    Mobile handling system


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The system is made of strong galvanised steel and features a walkway down the middle of the feeder section where an operator can walk safely. It is set up in a field for the cattle to get used to and once they come to feed the pen can be closed up.


The system was the brainchild of Michael Midgley of J M Midgley Farm Services. “In my business I’m seeing more and more really wild cattle. As stockmen retire and farms run on minimum labour, cattle are being handled less. Some breeds are particularly difficult, or even dangerous, to contain when they are out in the field.”


As a former cattle farmer, Michael looked around the market in the UK and abroad, but there was nothing that fitted the bill. “All my cattle handling equipment is from Armstrong and Holmes, so it was natural to approach them with the idea,” he said.


There are at least two versions in production, a tractor-pulled and a high-speed cattle handling system for towing with a four wheel drive vehicle.


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A new mobile cattle handling system, combining a feed pen and folding gates on a trailer, has been launched by agricultural engineers Armstrong & Holmes.


A patent has been applied for the new system, designed by a cattle farmer, for cattle farmers. It’s designed to make catching and containing cattle in the field a quicker and safer operation.

There are gates out there and there are feed trailers, but there’s nothing quite like this,” Chris Armstrong explained.

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