Company Profile

Armstrong & Holmes Limited was established in 1977 by Christopher Armstrong and† John Holmes with the intention of enabling the development of products to suit farmers and agricultural needs, as well as contractors and industrial needs.


For Chris Armstrong it was a return to home grounds having obtained† BSc Hons. Agricultural Engineering† at Newcastle University and a brief spell of experience employed by Wye University Kent in the development of hops machinery.


John Holmes assisted by providing his existing buildings and land from which the company could operate, as well as providing his knowledge of the practical farming with the use of† a wide range of farm machinery.


In 1980 Anne, Chrisís wife, joined the business to control the administration side.† Anne having obtained a degree at Edinburgh University, had gained her business administration skills through her work at† Ford Motor Company.


At this time John Holmesí shares in the company were bought by Armstrong & Holmes Ltd. and Anne Armstrong appointed a director of the company.


Through the demonstration of forward thinking, the company have continually advanced through the development of itís product range, to meet continuing customer and market demands.


As a small company employing 7-10 men we are able to offer a highly skilled team who can build specialist trailers, bale handling equipment, as well as cattle, Sheep, and pig, handling equipment.†† We constantly update products on a regular basis.

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Armstrong & Holmes Ltd
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Lincolnshire, NG32 3HX††††††††† UK.

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