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Our Mobile Cattle Handler also known as the cattlemaster, was designed as a mobile cattle handler for suckler herds which where located away from the farm or rented grassland, where handling facilities are not available or are inadequate. It will be most welcomed by your vet.


During the winter months the unit may be used as a static crush or race.


The standard unit comes with six gates (3 folding each side.) The approx height of the gates are 6 foot. Extra gates are able to be ordered as an optional extra.


The centre sliding gate is standard enabling a beast to be contained in the rear section of the mobile cattle crush.


A weigh bridge is also offered as an optional extra in this part of the crush. If you are not sure whether you will require weighing at a future date, we recommend that you have a weigh platform built at the outset. Weigh cells can be inserted later when required.


The two swinging centre gates allow access across the mobile cattle crush, one swings across and locks the beast in the front section of the mobile cattle crush. (The top section of this gate also opens). The second gate is 6 inches wider and may be used as a drafting gate. The front of the mobile cattle crush has a combination of swinging doors to access the beast. The front headgate can be used manually very useful for horned beasts or may be set for automatic operation.


A front cage is provided to contain the beast for manual operation.. Other headgates may be fitted if requested.


The front drawbar is simply removed by withdrawing a pin.


The race in the front of the mobile cattle crush can be narrowed down in steps to 19 wide from 29 wide for use with calves.


A rump bar ratchet system runs from the back of the unit up to the front crush area,, including the centres gates.



The floor is fully welded chequer plate with anti=slip bars pressed into the plate, with drainage holes that have been punched into each section.



The mobile cattle crush is raised by two hydraulic cylinders either operatd with a hand pump as standard or can be piped to work from tractor hydraulics as an option.

Mobile Cattle Handler